ZMIR-K60 70,000Btu 18kW Infrared radiant Diesel Heater

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New – the Z.M. Heaters ZMIR-K60 is a super-quiet infrared / radiant type direct diesel space heater from our new Korean-made range. It delivers  18 kW / 60,000 Btu of heat at 98% efficiency. Great features include automatic cool down function,

fully variable thermostat control and on-board diagnostics. Price includes FREE UK delivery.

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Z.M. Heaters direct diesel space heaters are powerful, hard-wearing Korean-made heaters. The Z.M. Heaters branded range combines top-level quality with excellent affordability.

These are heavy duty rugged heaters that should not be confused for lighter weight alternatives that look similar. ZMIR-K60 is an ultra-low-noise direct heater that works through radiant / infrared technology to warm objects rather than air. It can be used to provide directional or pinpoint heat as well as background warming.

These diesel heaters use a simple but effective air atomising operating principle for reliable and efficient combustion.

The heaters will burn a full variety of oil based fuels but this heater is best with / Paraffin / 28 sec fuels for smoke-free operation, including on start-up and cool down. All service parts are available directly from stock.

The heater includes a variable built-in thermostat for fuel efficiency. Just set it to the temperature you want and the heater will cycle on and off automatically to maintain the desired temperature.

The heaters include safety features including overheat protection and flame out protection and are fully CE approved.


Availability: Out of stock
Model: ZMIR-K60
Description: ZMIR-K60 70,000Btu 18kW Infrared radiant Diesel Heater
Model: ZMIR-K60
Dims - boxed: 496 x 494 x 238 mm
Output: 60,000 Btu / 18 kW
Fuel Usage: 1.7 litres per hour
Fuels: Paraffin, Kerosene, 28 sec heating oil
Heated Airflow: N/A
Transport: Top mount carry handle
Tank Capacity: 13 litres
Power Supply: 220-230V (13 amp)
Weight: 14 kg boxed
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