ZMID-K135 135,000Btu 40kW Super-Quiet Indirect Diesel Heater

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New for 2016-2017 (available Sept ’16) this high quality Korean-made indirect diesel space heater is available for next working-day delivery. The ZMID-K-135 high capacity indirect diesel space heater delivers 40 kW of heat at 90% efficiency – but you can connect the top mounted vertical outlet to 150mm flue for clean, fume-free indirect heating. The large 49 litre tank offers over over 8 hours continuous running time. This is a Korean-made heavy-duty rugged heater which can reliably handle the heat it generates thanks to a high technology high heat resistance stainless steel heat exchanger.

ZMID-K135 is an indirect diesel space heater with 6″ / 150mm vertical flue outlet. You can connect this outlet to a chimney flue so you gain heat into the workshop whilst the combustion exhaust leaves the workshop.

This is a uniquely cost-effective indirect heating solution saving many hundreds or thousands of pounds compared to the cost of a conventional cabinet heater. ZKID-K135 is a super-quiet high technology heater made in South Korean.

It blows over 1,000 m3 per hour of hot air to quickly circulate the large amount of heat it generates into large spaces for effective space heating of open areas.

This is a rugged super-quiet hard-wearing diesel space heater that delivers 40 kW gross of heat at over 90% efficiency for heating workshops, warehouses and other commercial spaces. These include garages, factory buildings and agricultural buildings. ZMID-K135 includes both a variable room temperature thermostat and a digital room temperature display. The thermostat is important as it will limit fuel usage by turning the heat off automatically at the target temperature and restarting it again automatically when the temperature falls.

The compressor and fuel system are protected by high capacity filters. All service parts are available directly from stock. A high temperature resistant stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger gives long working life. The heaters include safety features like safety cut out and have been tested according to all applicable EN standards and are fully CE Certified.

This heater is flexible enough to run on diesel, red diesel or even 35 sec heating oil. Air pressure can be adjusted in seconds and checked on the pressure gauge to optimise for clean burning. The heater performs best on lighter fuels like paraffin / 28 sec heating oil as these will burn hotter and cleaner.


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Model: ZMID-K135
Description: ZMID-K135 135,000Btu 40kW Super-Quiet Indirect Diesel Heater
Model: ZMID-K135
Dims - boxed: 1076 x 587 x 693 mm
Output: 135,000 Btu / 40 kW
Fuel Usage: 4.2 litres per hour
Fuels: Paraffin, Kerosene, Diesel
Heated Airflow: 550 cfm
Transport: Trolley & inflatable tyres
Tank Capacity: 49 litres
Power Supply: 220-240V (13 amp)
Weight: 47 kg boxed
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