What fuels can I use in these diesel space heaters?

Diesel space heaters can use either paraffin kerosene 28 sec heating or diesel red diesel 32 sec heating oil. These diesel space heaters will burn hotter and cleaner on paraffin heating oil. Red diesel contains more contaminants so care should be taken to follow the guidelines in the manual relating to cleaning and servicing of the heaters. These diesel space heaters can be swapped over between these fuels without any change of settings or conversion procedure.

How efficient are diesel space heaters?

Direct diesel space heaters are 98% efficient. You should ensure adequate ventilation and take all safe precautions as advised in the manual.

Where can we obtain spare parts and service parts?

By buying directly from Z. M. Heaters you don’t just get an unbeatable price on your diesel space heater. We also stock a comprehensive range of service parts and spares in our Midlands-based service centre. We can post or courier these anywhere in the UK. The similarity of the ZM-Zobo and Z.M. Heaters range of diesel space heaters to established UK brands also means lots of spares are cross-compatible. Refer to the parts diagrams in the manuals or contact is for further details. You can buy with 100% confidence that spares are easily available for your diesel space heater in the unlikely event of problems.

Which model of direct diesel space heater do I need?

The calculator on the home page of our website will give you an energy value to heat your building based on the volume and insulation level. The calculator uses a delta T value of 20 degrees Centrigade. In practice, this tends to over estimate the heat you will need for a typical commercial building as it’s not often you need a temperature change of 20 degrees centrigade.

How can I light the diesel space heater?

These heaters are incredibly easy to operate. They arrive with a UK plug. Simply add fuel, switch on and ignition is automatic. There’s no pump to prime or complex ignition procedure. Instructions are provided in clear English on the sticker on the heater control panel and in the manual. 

How do I control the diesel space heater?

These diesel space heaters benefit from market leading twin thermostat control. Simply rotate the variable thermostat to the desired room temperature. The heater will then show the current ambient temperature on the digital display. The heater will then cycle on and off automatically below and above the target temperature to maintain a constant room temperature automatically.

What safety controls does the heater have?

The heater includes all necessary safety controls for full CE approval, gained through testing with the world renowned TUV facility in Germany. Safety controls include flame out cut outs to prevent fuel being added if there’s no flame detected as well as over temperature cut out. The heaters are safe and reliable provided common sense and safe precautions are taken. Please refer to the manual for further details.

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