Portable Diesel Space Heater Applications

Portable diesel space heaters are perfect for low cost heating of large spaces and commercial premises providing. It is important that all safety guidelines specified in the manual are followed and there is adequate ventilation.

Portable diesel space heaters are easy to fuel and typically more cost effective to run than propane gas fired heaters. They are versatile enough to run on diesel, red diesel, and paraffin without any complicated set up or retrofit. They are ideal for commercial premises already using red diesel or heating oil.

Direct heaters are 100% efficient as there is no flue and no heat loss. This also makes them a genuine plug and play heating solution. There is no installation and no complex set up. Portable diesel space heaters can be assembled and operated within an hour.

Portable diesel space heater application include :

Garages and vehicle workshops

Portable diesel space heaters are ideal for  automotive garage workshops where open roller shutters create a high heat requirement. Portable diesel space heaters are cheap to buy and require no installation so you can be warm with minimal investment.

Warehouses and distribution centres

Logistics specialists and commercial operators can use portable diesel space heaters to warm high volume spaces like factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

Factories and industry

Factories and industrial building can benefit from portable diesel space heaters too provided there is adequate ventilation. Portable diesel space heaters can simply be moved and pointed to warm particular areas saving over the cost of an installed system.

Garden centres and nurseries

Thermostat controls mean our diesel space heaters can be used for low cost heating of greenhouses, garden centres and plant nurseries. The heaters will disperse carbon dioxide too which can aid plant growth. The portable diesel space heaters can offer frost protection too.


Agricultural buildings are often ideal for portable diesel space heaters. They can quickly warm areas that are used intermittently or occasionally or when weather is particularly cold. Agricultural premises typically have red diesel and heating oil on site making portable diesel space heaters an easy choice.

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