ZMQ-K175 175,000Btu 51kW Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater

  • ZMQ-K175 is a powerful super-quiet diesel heater
  • 51 kW 175,000 Btu for quickly warming big spaces
  • Thermostat control cycles off to limit fuel usage

ZMIR-K60 70,000Btu 18kW Infrared radiant Diesel Heater

  • NEW - Infrared radiant heater warms objects
  • Near-silent operation, and extremely efficient
  • Adjustable room thermostat & digital temp. display

ZMID-K135 135,000Btu 40kW Super-Quiet Indirect Diesel Heater

  • NEW! - Fume-free indirect diesel space heater
  • 40 kW 135,000 Btu at 90% efficiency
  • Thermostat control and room temp display

Diesel space heaters

Quality new range in stock again from Sept ’16, with fast delivery 

Buy quality diesel space heaters at exceptional prices, with next-working day delivery on most orders.

Z.M. Heaters are a fast-growing supplier of direct diesel space heaters. Our market approach means we buy direct from the factories and sell direct to customers so we can offer exceptional value for money, quality products and skilled support.

If you are looking for a high quality professional trade standard direct diesel space heater at a very competitive price, you’ve come to the right site. Diesel space heaters offer an extremely low cost fully portable space heating option. They are 98% heat efficient, cost effective to buy, fully portable and require absolutely no installation. Diesel space heaters are ideal for vehicle workshops, warehouses, farms buildings and other commercial premises.

Z.M. Heaters supply a growing ZM range of direct diesel space heaters which are heavy duty, reliable ultra low noise models. We’ve created a feature guide and comparison so you can really understand the differences and choose the brand that suits you best.

We bulk buy direct from the factory gates and only aim to cover a shorter range of five top selling models, where other companies might offer a range of ten or more. This means we’ll never be beaten by any like-for-like quotation. If you believe you’ve found a better deal anywhere else in the UK, please just let us know!

All our diesel space heaters include both thermostat controls and digital room temperature read outs. These essential features mean they will automatically cycle on / off at the desired temperature to save you the hassle of doing this manually or the added fuel costs of running constantly. They only use the fuel required to achieve and maintain your target temperature making them an economical choice.

All our heaters also have adjustable air pressure, with air pressure gauges, this is essential for fine tuning to get clean combustion of a full range of fuels. You may find heavier fuels light red diesel, diesel or 35 sec heating oil require slightly higher air pressures than less viscous paraffin, kerosene, 28 sec heating oils.

Buy diesel space heaters online today

Buy online from us today and receive the product in two working days (normally next working day on orders before 3pm). You can pay by Credit Card (use PayPal option). BACS or cheque offer business friendly options too.   Buying direct from us means the product is fully supported. Every heater comes with 12 months parts warranty. A full range of service parts and spares are kept in stock. We also offer FREE UK delivery on all heater orders.

Z.M. Heaters also supply a range of universal waste oil heaters for workshops too. Please visit our other website for details.

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ZMQ-K70 70,000Btu 20kW Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater

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ZM-K125 125,000Btu 36kW Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater

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ZMQ-K175 175,000Btu 51kW Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater

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